Cost Accounting Planning & Control by Adolph, Usry

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Book Name: Cost Accounting Planning & Control


- Adolph Matz phd
Professor Emeritus of Accounting
The Wharton School
University of Pennsylvania
-Milton F. Usry phd, CPA
Regents Professor of Accounting
College of Business Administration
Oklahoma State University

The management of a business enterprise is concerned with effective use of company capital. Management effort to link between functional and control planning is the cost accounting information system. In this textbook, the authors present and discuss structurally how effectively management takes the dual responsibility of the cost accounting information system. The book is more essential for cost and management accounts and students. The authors discuss about objective and concept of costs, cost accumulation procedures, how to plan and control of factory overhead, materials and labor, sales, how to analysis costs and profits. Cost accounting has been influenced by the development of quantitative techniques and behavioral science concepts. These tools and their application are presented in a class and concise manner throughout the textbook as they relate to particular topics. The presentation of the fundamental theoretical and practical aspects of cost accounting provides wide flexibility for classroom usage.

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